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Independent Living Aids:
The majority of the independent living aids described in the pages below can be purchased without a prescription, or you can even make many of them yourself.  Keep in mind that these pages are not designed to replace a professional diagnosis when warranted.  It is always best to consult a clinician for independent living advice.
Independent Living Aids: Kitchen
These ingenious kitchen devices can make food preparation safe and convenient, and you can easily find these devices at your local hardware or kitchen supply store....(more)
Independent Living Aids: Bathroom
More accidents happen in the bathroom than in any other room of the house.  Being independent in the bathroom is extremely important to seniors, for obvious reasons.  To avoid slipping or falling, you should take measures to ensure your bathroom is safe and accessible........(more)
Independent Living Aids: Getting Dressed
For those with arthritis or poor range of motion, getting dressed and undressed every day can be somewhat of a challenge - simple devices like zippers, laces, belts and ties can be instruments of torture....(more)
Independent Living Aids: Reaching Devices
Grasping, turning, pushing or pulling can be much easier for you with a reaching aid.  The reaching devices on this page are appropriate for a wide range of tasks and activities....(more)
Independent Living Aids: Stair Lifts
Some seniors have a difficult time climbing and descending stairs, especially if they have a heart or respiratory condition, or require the use of a wheelchair.....(more)
Independent Living Aids: Telephone
Not all seniors can use the phone as efficiently as they'd like.  Consider these options to make phone use easier and more convenient....(more)
Independent Living Aids: Computer Basics
If you don't have a computer at the moment and decide to purchase one, it may become an indispensable part of your life and independent lifestyle....(more)
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