Home Safety
Home Safety Guide:
Your home can offer a great deal of comfort and security for you, and your family.  However, because many serious accidents have been known to occur in the home, it is still important to keep safety in mind.   The home safety resources listed below are especially useful for those who live alone, but can apply to just about everyone.
Home Safety Checklist
If you feel that you or a loved one is vulnerable to a fall in the home, you may find this home safety checklist useful as a preventative measure.  If you are lacking in any specific areas, you can easily print the form out, and use it as a "to do" list....
Home Safety Tips
A comprehensive guide to home safety that is updated often.  Learn what to include in home first aid kit, supplies to keep on hand for major emergencies, types of home fire extinguishers, and the effectiveness of residential smoke detectors....(more)
Guide To Accident And Fall Prevention In The Home
International government studies have reported that falls in the home can result from a complex interaction of risk factors.  We look at the main causes of falls in the home, whether you or a loved one is at risk, and tips on prevention....(more)
Guide To Independent Living Aids
Devices that you can purchase (or make yourself) that increases safety in the home and make independent living much easier....(more)
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