Accident And Fall Prevention In The Home.
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are becoming more and more popular as more and more baby boomers reach retirement age.  Medical Alert Reviews.Com was created for those considering a medical alarm system, providing unbiased reviews and extensive information about medical alert devices and the benefits they provide.  Our guides to home safety and accident prevention can ensure your continued independent living - at home.
Medical alert systems, also known as Personal Emergency Response Systems, may consist of a built-in two-way voice communicator unit and a personal help button. If the wearer needs assistance they push the button. the system is monitored 24-hours a day and the person monitoring the system will make contact with the alarm wearer. Emergency response operators are trained to assess the situation and dispatch the appropriate emergency services.
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Home Medical Emergency Alert Systems.
Home Safety Checklist
A home safety checklist geared toward fall prevention, that you can print out to use as a "to do" list....(more)
Home Safety Tips
What should be included in a first aid kit, supplies to keep on hand for emergencies, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and independent living aids....(more)
Medical Alert Reviews.
Medical Alert Systems:  Special Features
Medical alert
systems can do much more than assist you after a fall or accident.  This section takes a look at medical alarms: past, present and future, and a look at additional features available to you....
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Accident and Fall prevention
Medical Risk Factors
Behavioral Risk Factors
Environmental Risk Factors
Are You Or A Loved One At Risk Of A Fall?
Guide To Home Safety.
Independent Living Advice
A look at the barriers and obstacles that keep seniors and the disabled from living an independent lifestyle....(more)
Independent Living Aids
Independent living aids that make your life easier: kitchen, bathroom, dressing aids, stair lifts, telephone devices, and reaching tools...(more)
Reviews of medical alert system providers, submitted by our visitors.

Newly Added: Bay Medical, Life Alert, True MedAlert, 1-800-med-alert, First Response, Connect-America, Alert One, Safeguard Med Alert..
How To Prevent Falls In The Home
Guide To Independent Living.
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Medical GPS Tracking
A look at GPS units designed to assist dementia patients who are prone to wandering, examples of service providers and rates.
A comprehensive look at the causes of accidents and falls in the home, and methods to prevent them:
Medical Alert Guy
Medical Alert Systems: The Basics
Visit this page for a beginner's guide to medical alarms....(more)