Home Safety Tips.
Home Safety Tips:
Your home can offer a great deal of security to you, and to members of your family.  However, since many serious accidents have been known to occur in the home, it is important that you keep safety in mind.  The home safety tips below can be especially helpful if you live alone, but should be useful for just about every home owner.
What To Include In A Home First Aid Kit
Effective handling of a medical emergency requires preparing for it before it occurs.  Your home should have at least one first-aid kit.  It should have a list of emergency telephone numbers pasted inside the lid and should contain, at minimum, the following items....
Smoke Detectors And Home Safety
Smoke can kill!  Many deaths and injuries due to home fires are caused by smoke - not by fire directly.  And the statistics show another frightening fact:  many of these deaths occur at night, while the victims are asleep....
Fire Extinguishers And Home Safety
We describe the different types of fire extinguishers commonly available for the home, the kind of fires they are designed to extinguish, and the proper ways to use them....
Keep These Emergency Supplies In Your Home
It would be a good idea to keep ample food and equipment supplies in your home in case of emergencies.  On this page we list the supplies one adult would need to survive for 14 days....
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