Are You Vulnerable To A Fall In The Home?
Assessing Risk: Are You Likely To Have A Fall In Your Home?
Are you or a loved one at risk for a fall in the home, resulting in injury?  It is important to perform a brief risk assessment of the individual, to determine whether a more comprehensive risk assessment by a professional clinician is necessary.
Brief Risk Assessment To Screen For High Risk Individuals:
A person may benefit from a more comprehensive risk assessment if you or a loved one has:
A history of one or more previous falls that may or may have not required medical intervention;
A lower limb disability;
Short or long-term memory problems;
Lower extremity weakness;
A prescription for four or more medications;
And/or a lack of regular physical activity.
Comprehensive Risk Assessment To Determine If Further Intervention Is Needed:
The American Geriatrics Society (AGS) recommends the fall assessment be performed by a doctor or registered nurse with appropriate experience and skills.  A typical comprehensive fall assessment will usually cover:
A review of past falls and the circumstances pertaining to these falls;
An assessment of the individual's muscle strength and mobility impairments;
The patient's osteoporosis risk;
Visual disorders and the effects of corrective eyewear;
Urinary Incontinence;
A cardiovascular exam;
A review of the patient's current medications;
A review of potential hazards in the patient's home or living environment.

After the assessment, the clinician will recommend specific courses of action, most of which we will cover in detail on this page: methods of preventing accidental falls in the home.
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