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(Added May 18/12) I would like to make people aware of Life Alert. Do not use this company..We got one for my mom and it got really hot. Had an electrician out and removed it and the plug was completely black. He told us we were lucky that it hadn't caught on fire. My mom refuses to plug it in for safety reasons. Life alert will not void there contract it is all about the money for them. They are not concerned for our loved ones. My mom now lives with me and they still make me pay monthly for something were not using...These people are a nightmare...
(Added May 18/12) My mother had a system for about 2 years.  She did not like the size of the watch so she did not use that.  I cancelled the contract when she moved into ass't living.  I found that it was for 3 years and I find that quite agressive and they probably get a lot of money from older people this way.  They said the watch was missing from the return and wanted $95.  I personally packed the watch and other items.  I suspect they where triing to get another $95 for nothing. Try somebody else.
(Added May24/11) Life Alert saves lives. Life Alert provides families peace of mind. Life Alert reps (like me) stay on top of seniors "thinking" about being protected, but then deciding they aren't ready yet. Yes, I'm sorry to say - I will call a person once a day every day to try to convince them they need life alert. Do I do this simply to make a sale? Or do I feel that a person who is 80, living alone, has medical conditions, and may have fallen once or twice NEEDS a medical alert? Perhaps it's both.
In addition, due to he number of options available with a Life Alert system, it does take a conversation with a rep like me to determine what system is best for the individual. Packages can range in price from $1-2 a day, but our goal is to go over the options to see what is needed and what is a waste of money. Believe it or not, but Life Alert's goal is to get a person fully protected, and not to sell equipment that is not needed. I will add that in almost EVERY circumstance, members would require more protection than just a simple "button and box."
I provide true member stories, facts, and explain with perfect clarity what Life Alert offers on my blog
(Added Mar 11/11) The shock that led me to immediately cancel the Life Alert service after the installer left was reading in the "User's Manual" that "after 10 failed attempts to reach 911, hang up and dial 911 again"...I guess you keep dialing 911 routed through their office until you die."  Also during the installation "tests" - there was a serious delay in the operator coming on the line. I asked the installer to mention the delay, which received no explanation other than it took up to 120 seconds - we were waiting double or triple that and the installer did not mention that. After he left I read the "User's Manual" about 911 mentioned in paragraph 1.  My Samsung/Verizon Senior Cell phone has a separate 911 red  button that you press once and reach 911 immediately.
(Added Feb 12/11) I have to say I was not impressed at all with this company.  They do a lot of high pressure sales, and will not let you off the phone until you sign up with them.  They have a high pressure selling script that they use, and do not deviate from it.  I asked a question three times to verify that Life Alert did NOT provide a service that I was looking for.  The sales person never did tell me 'No" - she just kept talking about what they had to offer.  At that point I realized I did not want to deal with these people and trust my mother's health with them.
(Added July 25/10) I could not even get past the sales reps.  These people are so rude and obnoxious.  They would not quote me any prices and called me constantly.  It got so bad I threaten to call the police and report them for harassment.  The last male I spoke with if he had been one of my employees I would have fired him ont the spot for speaking to a customer as rudely as he did!
(Added Mar 15/10) I cancelled my Life Alert.  They sent me a label to put on a box in which I was to include all parts.  I did this.  UPS showed up with the label.  He stuck it onto the box and it was off to Life Alert.  This Saturday Night at 10:30, they did not call me, they called my daughter twice to see if I had mailed back my package.  Now all UPS packages are trackable.  This was nothing more than a harrassment call, and they called my daughter's girlfriend and got her up as well.  Over something that had been sent back over a week ago.  Harrassment, harrassment, harrassment.

So, at 10:45 I call Life Alert and they can't take my message.  Of course.  This is all by design.  It is designed to harrass customers who have cancelled their accounts.  I called Life Alert over two months ago telling them I was cancelling and they refused to let me cancel until the end of my contract.  OK.  I told them when the contract was up to cancel and stop drafting my account.  They didn't. I called again and they stated they had to draft my account one more time and then I could cancel. I could go on and on.  If you get Life Alert, you better watch your wallet.
(Added Feb 5/10) I called the Life Alert 800 number to inquire about their system for my elderly father. The person who answered my call was very gruff, telling me I'd have to speak with a sales agent (who would call me back) if I wanted any information (including pricing).  When I received the return call it was from an independent salesperson who worked entirely on commission. He made a point to tell me "If I don't sell you a system I don't eat". I told him I was considering the many emergency response providers and would call back if I selected their product.

A week later the same salesperson called me saying "It's time to signup". I told him I had selected another provider. His immediate response was to hang up on me. Needless to say I'm glad I didn't select Life Alert. All of the bad reviews I read must have been true.
(Added June 24/09)   DO NOT USE LIFE ALERT (I've fallen and I cant get up)! They will rob you blind. Their sales people are agressive independant contractors who make their comissions on selling you the units at the highest prices they can get from you or your elderly loved one. From 300$ to 500$. Please read the reviews in They force you into a 3yr contract that can not be cancelled. Just because they have a TV commercial does not mean they are good.
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