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(Added Mar 11/11) I recently came across this review website and I would like to make a few comments.  I work at Connect America.  We are the medical alarm company endorsed by Good Housekeeping, CVS Pharmacy, AARP among many others.  We have 85,000 active customers.  The true attitude of our employees at Connect America starts from the top.  Ken Gross started this company and leads it today.  Ken's parents are both in their 80's.  Ken had a disabled sister.  He knows what it is like to be a loved one who needs the product we offer.  It is why he is in the business.  Ken expects all of us who work here to treat our customers as he wants his family treated.  Every employee that works here can also personally relate to the value of this service for one reason or another.  The comments in these reviews are not at all what we would tolerate and not at all the norm here.  We have monitored triple that amount over our many years of service.  We are sorry to hear when a customer wants to stop their medical alarm monitoring, but we do not want to be the cause of any stress to them which is why we are one of the few companies that do not have a contract that holds the customer for an extended period of time.

All we ask for is a 3 month minimum and after that a customer can cancel at any time.  The only thing we ask from the customer who wishes to cancel the monitoring is to return the unit and to give us notice that they no longer want to be monitored for a medical emergency.   We give the customer a choice in how they wish to pay the monthly monitoring charge.  If they do choose automatic payments, we will do automatic payments until they express any desire not to be charged automatically.

I want to thank Pete Tesh for voicing his experience with us and I know that most of our customers are like him.  They know exactly what they want in the service, how it was being paid for and are happy with the service they are receiving.

While on one hand it is nice to know that I only found a small handful of complaints about Connect America, it is also very disturbing to hear that these people have had a bad experience with us.  I would like to invite any person who has a problem or a negative experience with Connect America to contact me directly because I want to hear about it and get it fixed for you!
Kristi Quartermus
Customer Relations
(800) 420-1299, extension 117
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